Coursework a middle class cheat’s charter

GCSE coursework is generating a huge exam scam, with all the family joining in to ensure good grades

Have you heard the story about the mother who wrote her daughter’s English literature coursework for A-level and was splutteringly indignant when it only scored a B? Or the one about the family who paid a private tutor to help their son build a model for his electronics GCSE? The young tutor, fuelled by HobNobs supplied by dad, stayed up all night finishing the work to make sure it could be handed in on time.

All over the country, families are cheating on a scale, that, applied to any other area of life, might even land them in jail. At the start of 2008, with March’s submission deadlines looming, a new cohort of middle-class mothers and fathers are embarking on their teenagers’ coursework – an essay or project that can be worked on at home even though it can count for up to 60% of the marks on some GCSE courses.

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